Acceptable Behavior Policy (Updated 8/19/10)

By purchasing a membership in Ignition Alley you agree to certain rules for our community. To be part of a community such as Ignition Alley you need to work hard, be considerate of others, and play well together; if you don't, it negatively affects everyone who is part of Ignition Alley. So as a condition to membership, you agree to abide by what Ignition Alley calls its Acceptable Behavior Policy:

  1. Treat others the way you would want to be treated or you're out of Ignition Alley. And if you don't really care how others would treat you, then Ignition Alley, at the request of enough members, may warn you to shape up in 30 days and, if things don't improve, ship out. Ignition Alley is a community and one bad member can spoil Ignition Alley for the others. This means every membership is terminable by Ignition Alley at-will immediately upon notice to you, with or without cause.

  2. Ignition Alley is an organic thing... an ecosystem... and like all organisms, Ignition Alley will evolve and improve. This means Ignition Alley might decide, usually with member input, that the Memberships levels, Acceptable Behavior and Terms of Use need to change as well. So while you understand the rules today, they may change. You're ultimately responsible for checking our website for future changes to the rules at And of course, we'll do what we can to get the word out on any rule changes. Ignition Alley provides several types of memberships and add-ons, and you have selected one of these. This means you understand what each membership entails, not only in terms of what fees you owe and when you owe them, but also what type of access and use of Ignition Alley Services come with that membership. If you don't pay the fee you owe when it’s due or you misuse your type of membership, then you're out, vamoose, gone, and if that isn't clear enough your membership is terminated, not in 30 days, but immediately. Said another way, don't game Ignition Alley, as it's not fair to the other members.

  3. Break the law and you're out. Don't use Ignition Alley for any purpose that is unlawful, prohibited or just not cool, including doing anything that could damage, disable or impair any of Ignition Alley's facilities, keep other members from using Ignition Alley's facilities or otherwise hurt Ignition Alley. This also means you won't attempt to gain access to any computer systems or networks of Ignition Alley, or attempt to obtain any materials or information not intentionally made available to all Ignition Alley members. If you attempt to do any of these bad things, then you will be persona non grata. And forget about your 30 days under Acceptable Behavior No. 1, as your membership will terminate immediately upon notice from Ignition Alley.

  4. Don't join Ignition Alley because you are only interested in selling to its members. That includes multi-level marketing or promoting "get rich quick" schemes that are so popular on the web today; it's not what we are about, so don't bring it here, okay? If you are coming to Ignition Alley, bring integrity, not hype.

  5. Don't speak maliciously about Ignition Alley or its members. It's a community. Communities need harmony to operate well, and we won't operate well if you go around making defamatory or disparaging remarks to third parties about Ignition Alley or other members. Frankly, if you don't have anything good to say, then keep it to yourself. Of course, if you have a legitimate complaint, let us know and we'll handle it with all the grace and aplomb you would expect from an institution as "with it" as Ignition Alley.

  6. Your membership does not authorize you to legally bind Ignition Alley or any of its other members. Doing so would be fraudulent, and we can't have any of that here. Remember the waiving of the 30 days? Yeah, once again you'd be out immediately.

  7. Protect any confidential information of Ignition Alley. While there is very little that will be confidential, some of it will, and if it’s disclosed to you in confidence, it needs to remain in confidence; the information remains Ignition Alley's property, and you don't get any rights to it. Just as importantly, you agree to hold in confidence any information another Ignition Alley member tells you, assuming they make it clear they don't want you to repeat it.

  8. Don't use Ignition Alley or its facilities in connection with any kind of annoying behavior like spam, harassment of anyone, publishing or distributing any kind of inappropriate material, infringing the legal rights of others, or attempting in any way to sabotage Ignition Alley, its computer systems, or its members. Try any of that and, not only will you be out on your ear with no 30 days notice, you'll be running from the lawman if illegal.

  9. Realize that neither Ignition Alley nor its members will have any liability to you for any loss when you use or participate in Ignition Alley or Ignition Alley Services. Your personal property is your responsibility; if you’d be upset if something of yours disappeared from Ignition Alley, you are responsible for carrying insurance on it.

  10. We all know that paying big lawyer fees sucks, so you agree to settle any dispute with Ignition Alley or any of its members using binding arbitration instead of a lawsuit. You agree to use the American Arbitration Association commercial arbitration rules with the venue for all proceedings to be in Atlanta, Georgia.

  11. Children under 13 and all pets are not allowed in the building at any time. Not even for a quick minute. We have carpets to keep clean and you don't need the distraction.

  12. The building is only open from 7am to 10pm. Your key card will not work outside of that time. You must exit the building by 10pm. If you're the last person out, please be sure to turn out the lights and leave the door closed.

  13. Occasionally, we may rent out the facility for events during normal open hours. We will strive to keep these disruptions of service to a minimum and will make a best effort to provide ample advance notice. If possible, we will attempt to arrange free attendance for members so you can continue to enjoy use of the space.

  14. Finally, know that to be a member you agree to release, agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Ignition Alley, its agents, owners, members, and employees from and against all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, expenses, judgments, fines and penalties based on or arising out of your negligent actions, errors and omissions, willful misconduct and fraud, breach or violation of the Acceptable Behavior Policy or otherwise suffered in connection with your participation in Ignition Alley or use of Ignition Alley Services.