What you need to know about cockroaches

Has your home ever been invaded by cockroaches? These are some of the worst pests since they can hide even in the darkest corners and deepest cracks or your home. Cockroaches are one of the most bothersome creatures.

Cockroaches have been in existence since time immemorial

It is estimated that these creatures were in existence since the early age. In fact, there existed in the same period as the dinosaurs. Shockingly, it is very tough to eliminate these creatures. They are known to have developed a high resilience power since the early age of dinosaurs.

They can survive for five several weeks without eating

Just like the other cold-blooded creatures, a cockroach does not need a lot of food to satisfy its tummy. It can survive for several weeks without a meal. Again, these creatures can feed on different types of meals. This has made it harder to control them. However, these creatures cannot survive for more than one week without drinking water.

A cockroach can run for three miles in one hour

A cockroach can scuttle at an impressive speed. Its legs can scuttle at a speed of 0.8 meters per second. I addition, to that, cockroaches have a high ability or detecting threats through movements. They do this by detecting air currents.

Some go slow

Some species of cockroaches such as Luchihormetica lukea can glow . This is a unique species of a cockroach which displays a yellow light making it glow. It is among the rare species of insects which can glow.

They have bacteria in their body which provides nutrients

Cockroaches need vitamins for them to be in good condition. The bacteria contained in cockroaches provide the much-needed nutrients. Besides, their fatty regions are known for producing essential amino acids.


A cockroach can survive in submerged conditions

A cockroach can stay under water for several hours. It can do this by holding its breath. This means that floods can not eliminate them.

Cockroaches like being touched

A cockroach is an amazing creature. It is among the creatures which exhibit thigmotropism. This is the main reason why you find them hiding in tight places. They like living in compacted spaces.

They can live in processed foods

Are you aware that processed foods such as peanut butter could be having some insects? This is something which happens when food is contaminated during the cultivation process. Cultivators should use more pesticides to control such pests.





Factors considered when purchasing a wire mesh

A wire mesh is used in enclosing pets and preventing animals from gaining access to certain areas such as garden and homestead. Installing a wire mesh fence in your compound is highly recommendable. The following factors should be put into consideration when purchasing the right wire mesh.

Type of the wire mesh

There are different kinds of mesh wires, all of which are readily available in the market. Chicken wire is among the popular types or wires. This mesh wire has a hexagonal formation. Chicken wire is preferred for low-security enclosures. A wire having a tighter wave should be used where tight security is needed. Large mesh wires are used in preventing animals from getting into the farm. A fine mesh is used for keeping away the small animals like mice.

Installation process

Mesh wires are made using different materials. The different types of mesh wires are installed differently. Some wires require a specialized installation, but some can e installed easily. You can install most of the wires on your own. Even though some people believe that a specialist best does the installation, this is not the case when it comes to the wire mesh. A wire mesh fence is very easy to install, and it is very effective.

Whether you decide to do the installation on your own or by hiring a professional, it is always important to ensure that the job is well done. Besides, the installation done should be secure. A wire mesh fence can be prevented from falling or bending by keeping the posts in height greater than that of the wire mesh. Again, the post used should be uniformly spaced. These posts should be painted using a wood treatment. This is done to ensure that they can last for long by preventing the damage caused by pest and wetness. Painted posts are also attractive.

Height of the mesh wire

You should choose a mesh wire which has an appropriate height depending on the animal that you are interested in enclosing. The mesh wire used in constructing a fence should be high enough. This will prevent animals from getting out and in. You are advised to give your fence an allowance of 5 cm which is dug under the surface. Installing a wire mesh under the surface is helpful in preventing animals and pets from digging in. Individuals who are interested in enclosing birds are advised to install a mesh roof. `