Game Night – Wednesday Nov 4th @ 7pm
Posted on 11/01/2009
Come play some board and video games with everyone. We tried this a few weeks ago and it was a blast! We tried Puerto Rico for the first time and there was a lively game of Settlers of Catan. This time we’ll try throwing some video games into the mix as well. A few games of Halo 3 and Rock Band will be played to round out the night. Also, more pizza from Camili’s will be provided. If you like pizza, you should be very excited! Members and non-members are invited, so bring along friends and let’s make this a party. See you there!
Startup Drinks and Atlanta Joomla Meetup – Nov 3rd
Posted on 10/28/2009
We’ve got two events for you on Tuesday, Nov. 3rd. And if you time it right, you can attend both with one drive over to the Alley!
First up is Atlanta Startup Drinks at 5pm. It’s a chance to meet up with other startup-oriented folks for a drink or two and discussion on what you’re up to lately. Since we’re not a bar and don’t have a pour license, this is a BYOB event. Luckily, we’re right next to Green’s for easy access to an abundant supply of whatever beverage you would like. RSVP here so we can plan for the right size event.
Later in the evening is the monthly Atlanta Joomla Meetup at 7pm. They’ll be meeting every 1st Thursday of the month to discuss the Joomla content management system. If you’re experienced with Joomla or have some interest in it, feel free to join up with them. Please RSVP using the link above.
Atlanta Joomla Open Source Meetup – 10/13 @ 7pm
Posted on 10/12/2009
The Atlanta Joomla Open Source Meetup will be happening here at Ignition Alley tomorrow at 7pm. Here’s what you can expect
For this month’s meeting, we will be getting a sneak peek at the exciting new coworking space Ignition Alley.

There is no set topic, but for part of the talk, we can hear from Ignition Alley’s co-owner and co-founder, Mike Schinkel.

Aside from that, there are several new and exciting developments in the world of Joomla that we can discuss. And, as always, we can take some time for troubleshoot and just shooting the breeze in this revolutionary new space.
You can RSVP here
About The Photo
Posted on 09/30/2009
You might have noticed that the photo we use in the header of the website is suspiciously foreign. That’s because it’s not of Ignition Alley. We had built the site before we had built the facility, so there were no pictures to take. But like any complex project, replacing the photo has gotten pushed back and other things were worked on. So, we committed one of the worst acts one can do to a fellow photog (Tim and Mike are both avid photographers): we didn’t attribute the picture! And since we’re on the cusp of taking the magic shot that will replace the current one, we figured it made more sense to post about it on the blog than put up a note for 1 week to try and make up for the last month or so of using it improperly. So, here we go:

Citizen Space by hyku
It’s an excellent shot of Citizen Space out in San Francisco, a fellow coworking space. If you happen to be in the SF area, stop by and check them out. And even better, if you’re a member of Ignition Alley, you can stop in under the Coworking Visa for free (and at any of the other spaces in the Bay Area).
Sign Up Here!
Posted on 09/23/2009
We’ve updated the pricing page and everything is now ready to go. We want you to become a member today! If you’re ready to take the plunge, pick out a plan and email us at We’ll send over a contract to sign and you’ll be ready to become a member. Remember that this isn’t a long-term, binding contract, so if you’re on the fence about joining just give it a try. If it doesn’t work out, you can always back out at any time and there won’t be any hard feelings (but we will miss you!). Let’s get this party started!