A space designed for collaboration and productivity.

Ignition Alley features a space designed for entrepreneurs, freelancers, creative individuals, and anyone looking to get work done. We feature plenty of amenities for members and the tools you need to help support your business. There is space to work with others and space to work privately. We feature a bookable conference room and multiple places to make presentations.


Take the benefits of a coffee shop, networking group, fitness club, and office, then combine them together. That's what you'll find at Ignition Alley. You'll get relaxing place to meet collaborators and get work done. There are plenty of comfy office chairs and tables to get work done, and more casual spaces for putting your feet up and relaxing a bit. The space is designed to fit your needs, whatever they are.

We have worked hard to foster a community of intelligent businesspeople and creatives who work together to make Atlanta one of the most successful places to be. We are intensely focused on collaboration and using it to make everyone a success. You might have a great idea to let someone turn into a great business, and someone else might be to help you put together that report for your clients in time. By working with others, the benefits to everyone are exponential.


Everyone needs a place to do their work, but might have different needs for different types of work. We have a variety of places available to get things done. There are armchairs and couches to relax on. There are tables of all sorts around to place materials and heavy laptops when you don't need them right in front of you. Tables are able to be rearranged to suit groups of various sizes. Lockers are provided for storage so you don't have to lug a stack of things with you every day.

Whiteboards are located along the walls for team collaboration or sketching out that big idea of yours. Wireless Internet is fed through the entire space with quick access to the internet. Power outlets line the room to keep your batteries charged and working all day. We even have a computer available for playing your light music to keep you energized.


Ignition Alley is located in the heart of Atlanta with access to many amenities within walking distance. There are numerous restaurants along Ponce de Leon Ave. We have two neighboring grocery stores, Kroger and Whole Foods. Home Depot and Staples are nearby as well. We're tucked away at the edge of a quiet, safe residential district, but near enough to everything you need that's within walking distance.