Different types of the concrete finishes

Concrete floors are some of the most common types of floors. There are various types of floor finishes that you can choose from. Each concrete finish can be applied in different places or areas of the home. If you are looking for one of the most beautiful finishes, then consider the textured concrete. They are also pocket-friendly when compared to the other types of the concrete finishes. Talk to the Miami Concrete Artisans for different types of concrete. This write-up explores the different types of the concrete finishes;

Different types

Stamped concrete

The stamped concrete is also referred to as the imprinted or the textured concrete. This is concrete is designed to like different things. Some of the things include wood, tile, stone, flagstone, slate, and brick just but to mention a few. The stamped concrete finishes are one of the most popular concrete finishes.

Exterior stenciled concrete

The exterior stenciled concrete is another popular type of concrete finishes. Just like the name suggests, it is mainly used in the exterior areas of a building. The exterior stenciled concrete is a great option if you do not like the stamped concrete finishing. With this type of concrete finishing, you will be allowed to make your design.

Float and trowel finishes

With the float and trowel finishing, you can make several patterns of your choice on the concrete. Some of the patterns that you can make with concrete are the swirls that have different sizes of the arc. The texture that is created can be smooth, medium, or coarse depending on the tool that has been used. If you want the coarser textures, then go for the wooden floats. The steel trowels and aluminum floats are used for creating smooth and medium finishes.

Broom finishes

The broom finishes are another type of the concrete finishes; this can either be course or light broom. This finishing will depend on the bristles of the broom that you select. This is one of the non-sophisticated finishing that you can make on your concrete. It is also famous because the resultant surface is non-slip and nice.

Rock salt finishes


For this type of concrete finishing, the water softener crystals of different sizes are usually put on the fresh concrete. A roller is then used to push the crystals into the wet concrete. The surface is then later washed after the concrete dries. This dissolves the salt leaving the holes. With this finishing, you will choose your favorite size of the crystals. Watch the video below for different types of concrete finishes.