Ignition Alley is closed as of February 2013.

If you are looking for coworking, please check out one of the other spaces in town:

What is Ignition Alley?

We were Atlanta's expression of the emerging trend "coworking," a collaborative workspace enabling a business community. We also host community events and gatherings likely to interest our members for no fee to organizers.

Why become a member?

Membership provides a better work environment than a coffee shop, home office or office suite and inserts you daily in the middle of Atlanta's growing entrepeneur and freelance community. Sharing workspace at Ignition Alley Atlanta coworking connects you with a slew of individuals with widely varied skills who are all ready to collaborate.

Take a peek inside Ignition Alley, Atlanta's coworking space

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We were located @

750 Ponce de Leon Place
Atlanta, GA 30306